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The roots of HBR Chemicals extend back to its parent organisation "Har Bhagwan Rangwala", established in 1890. In 1942 when there was a call for a self-reliant India, our organization provided indigenous dyes across the nation to Delhi, Mumbai and even Lahore and Karachi (Then part of India) and when in 1947, the need for industrial revolution was felt in the newly independent India, our organisation took the challenge head-on and was one of the pioneers in dyestuff manufacturing in India.

Our growth can be attributed to our ability to adapt to changing environment. At HBR we develop new and innovative technologies to adapt to the changing demands and specifications. In 1984, when the government of India developed a new and encouraging export policy, our organization did not delay in taking advantage of this change and we transformed from a solely domestic to an international brand with products sold across the globe in 5 continents.


We have continued our legacy and continue to adapt and have now developed ourselves as a brand that provides solutions. We leverage our experience and our ability to adapt to help solve customer problems. We have come a long way since our birth and we have a long journey ahead of us in the 21st Century. 

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