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We pride ourselves in not only offering a vast array of products to suit our customers' needs but also in our unrivaled expertise to provide specific solutions tailor made to our customer's needs. 

Our Research and Development team uses state of the art equipment and analysis tools to develop effective solutions to cater to your specific needs.

We provide a wide range of purified and crude products as well as mixtures for every purpose at the most effective cost. Our engineers work hard in driving down costs while keeping your end use in sight. We understand that not everyone requires the standardized properties and the purest product. If there exists any possible price reduction for your needs, our team will do it.

If you can not find a quality or purity grade that you need, our engineers will work hard to meet that purity grade for your use. 

We endeavor to be a wholly customer centric company, not just when dealing with your specific requests, but also by understanding your needs and if possible developing new technologies and products and offering them to our valued customers to either drive down their costs or improve the effectiveness. Everything we do is driven by our Mantra:

The Best Product at the Best Price.

Join us as we stain the world the right way: Your way 

To talk to our solutions team please email:

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