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Acid dyes are dyes which are salts of a sulfuric, carboxylic or phenolic organic acid. These salts are often sodium salts and are usually highly soluble in water. They possess affinity for amphoteric fibers while lacking direct dyes' affinity for cellulose fibers. They are used in dying wool, angora, cashmere and silk.

They also find many applications in leather industry and are widely used in colouring of hyde in tanneries. We manufacture various acid dyes for a wide range of uses such as leather tanning, inks and dyeing. We are happy to offer you customised qualities at your specifications. Please Contact Us for any inquiries.


  • 1 Metanil Yellow (CI Acid Yellow 36)
  • 2 Acid Orange II (CI Acid Orange 7)
  • 3 Acid Black 10B (CI Acid Black 1)
  • 4 Black NT (CI Acid Black 210)
  • 5 Nigrosine Water Soluble (CI Acid Black 2)
  • 6 Black NB (CI Acid Black 234)
  • 7 Leather Black
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